Meet the Team


Erik Willis

Co-Founder / Data Engineer

Data Engineer with a PhD. Skilled in Python, PHP, C, MySQL. Performed in-depth analysis on data from various suppliers across the world. Researched and resolved data discrepancies with troubleshooting teams. Set up Data pipelines for various companies. Ongoing freelancer and consultant.


J.R. Gutierrez

Co-founder / Business Director

As business director, J.R. oversees a wide range of projects from AI to application design and oversees the growth of DeepMinds. He's also a certified data scientist by IBM and has a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences.


Carl Fan


Winner of many coding competitions. Worked in professional software houses coding Python, PHP, JAVA and JavaScript. Data mining and machine learning in python, built websites with PHP and JavaScript, and built android apps with JAVA.


Muhammad Navaid

Engineer & Python Programmer

Specialized Skills: Image Classification, Object Detection & Localization, Segmentation - Machine Learning / Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn - Model Types: Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) - Data Manipulation / Image Processing: Numpy, Pandas, OpenCV, Matplotlib


Wajih Shah

ML & Robotics Developer

A ML/ Computer Vision/ Robotics expert with 4+ years of experience in programming, mathematics basics, strong logic and abstraction. Experience in python, Matlab, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Natural Language Processing, and web scraping. 


Sabrina Halley

IoT Programmer & Engineer 

Engineer with specialization in Robotics and IoT. Programmer, hobbyist and a Roboticist as well. A python programmer with expertise in developing complex algorithms and software using python scripts. Also adept at doing 3D modelling using python scripts.


Hassan MS

Full-Stack AI Developer

An AI developer and an IoT Engineer with over 4 years of experience. My services include but are not limited to machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, remote sensing and natural language processing.


Atta Un Noor

Machine Learning Engineer

Engineer with in-depth knowledge of the mathematics behind machine learning algorithms. Past work includes Brain Tumor Detection, Road Lanes Mapping, Image Segmentation, Personal Driving Assistant, Abstractive Text Summarization and deep learning for reliable medical solutions.



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