A Team of Experts

The DeepMinds team is made up of highly technical experts in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Engineering, Robotics, IoT and more. Our many services include creating:

Models to predict outcomes, recommendation systems, chat bots, trading bots, language detection and translation, speech recognition and analysis, derive insights from unstructured text, web scraping, video classification and recognition, analyzing and visualizing data and much more.

The Latest Frameworks

Our team is well-versed in the latest frameworks including Keras, Scikit-learn, AWS AI, Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson and Google's Tensorflow.




Programming Languages

Our programmers are adept at countless languages and software including Java, Python, R, PHP, SQL, Power BI, Datalab, Bigquery, Matlab, Numpy, Pandas, Pytorch, OpenCV, Tableau and Matplotlib.



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