1. Scenes will be given to students in the beginning of the class. One scene per 2 people. No prep before class is needed.

2. Practicing. While practicing with your partner, work on your lines and blocking. The moderator will assist you further once it’s your turn to do your scene. You can practice at full volume outside the building-- but quieter in the hallways where other classes may be going on. 


3. Performance. After the first 30 minutes of class, scenes will commence-- performed by one pair at a time. Your scene will be recorded with a Full frame DSLR camera-- sometimes using a tripod-- sometimes handheld. This will depend on the blocking we decide and the nature of the scene. Until your turn comes up, you may continue to practice outside. However, if you know you are next, please be ready outside the door.


4. 3 Takes. You will have at least 3 opportunities to do your scene. With each take, you will get new direction. Sometimes that direction will make sense and will fit with the scene. Sometimes that direction won’t make any sense-- its sole purpose being to “flex” your acting muscles. For instance, you may be asked to do a comedic scene seriously-- or a slow-burn scene fast. Again, it’s for the workout.


5. Review and Discussion. After all scenes are recorded, we’ll watch the scenes on a flat screen TV. This will give you an opportunity to see if you took the direction well or not. We may discuss as needed-- (what other choices you could have made, which take was the best, etc.)


6. Request for tape. You have two days to request your recorded clip from your day in class-- before we delete it from the camera. If your scene partner doesn’t mind, message us at for a digital copy.  Keep in mind, the scenes you do in class are often from famous movies and are copyrighted. Therefore, use these scenes solely to further your craft. Please use good judgement.


7. Tuition. Please pay any tuition you owe before class begins. You will not be allowed to participate without doing so. First class is $10. You may pay $10 again if you refer someone to the class and/or if you write a positive review of the class (See #9 below). 

8. Auditions. If you need to record an on-tape audition, feel free to bring your scene to class. And we can use it instead of the moderator’s scene.


9. Referral/ Review Discounts. We haven’t been around very long, so we need your help to get the word out. If a referral by you attends class and pays their fee, you may pay $10 again for a future class. If you write a positive review on, facebook, or google, you will also have another opportunity to pay $10.  If you have been paying the 4-week rate, you’ll get a $20 discount.

10. RSVP at or by sending us a message with the class and time you'd like to attend (don’t just show up unless you’re paying the monthly rate). And if you need to cancel, message us at least a day in advance. No shows are not allowed-- as seats are often limited.



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