The Actor Workout

"Practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." - Vince Lombardi

Just like exercising your muscles in a gym, your acting craft needs a regular workout. And if your ultimate goal is to effectively portray characters on screen in film and television, then seeing yourself on camera is absolutely essential to "make gains." Otherwise, how can you truly see what you need to improve on?

We offer a quality experience at The Actor Workout. Besides learning with experienced moderators in a safe space, we also record scenes with a professional camera, proper lighting, and you'll receive direction for multiple takes before discussion at the end of the class. Believe it or not, this sets us apart from nearly all other acting classes. Most classes rarely do on-camera, and if they do, they charge an out-sized tuition. Want to record an audition? No problem!

Want to know more about the class structure? Click the link below and discover discounts for first timers.


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